TV Stand

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Belize tv stand displays a timeless attitude by blending solid woodwork and modern furniture.

Warmth, comfort, peace, sincerity… This is how the Scandinavian hygge philosophy describes the connotations of home. The Clay Collection, which is a reflection of the Japandi style created by combining the Scandinavian design approach, where simplicity and calm colors dominate, and the minimalist design approach of the Japanese, aims to bring peace and tranquility to your homes with its hazeran details and natural wood texture.

The Pecan collection aims to create a dynamic living space where minimal and functional details are at the forefront. It offers a balanced elegance with the warmth of walnut and the modern effect of anthracite. With the asymmetrical harmony achieved with the horizontal and vertical movements applied to the walnut veneer, it both catches the time and promises timelessness. The line of the collection, which is simplified with high metal legs, has a somewhat industrial, somewhat masculine, iconic style. With its sharp lines and distinguished details, it combines simplicity and elegance. It offers organized and tidy storage with partitioned drawers.