Living Room

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Wooden sofa uses quilting in a different way exactly for its purpose. With the buttons on it, it prevents the inner filling from looking smooth and slipping. It offers the simplicity of luxury by managing a complex process wisely. It is intended to be a representation of the return to nature, especially with its green-colored textured fabric and wooden frame in organic lines. The naturalness of the materials and their tint adds warmth to space.

Wooden Armchair is a modern classic style with its circular form and quilted details on the back. It adds value to living spaces with its refined style and iconic form.

Zeus aims to create a modern and sports living space by taking his classic quilted design concept to the next level.It adapts easily to city houses with different measurement options.

Zeus armchair argues for an understanding of design that fits both the sporting and avant-garde style in which lean lines come together.With its optimized size and ergonomic design, it fills the eyes in spaces.