Living Room

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Cupon chesterfield sofa which reinterprets the classic handcrafted folding quilting with modern lines makes a difference with its quality and excellent posture. It reinterprets luxury with its finely thought-out details.

Davos sofa offers a special comfort experience in living areas with its refined line and modern approach. The soft feeling of comfort offered by sharp lines may surprise you. It allows you to create your own style of Decoration using decorative pillows with its minimal line.

Davos Corner takes comfort to the center of the house with its soft seating accompanying sharp lines. While Davos Corner, where simplicity is at the forefront of the day, offers its users the freedom to decorate with its modular structure.

Design Armchair complements Scandinavian style with its simplicity and minimalist line, Design armchair offers a timeless choice away from exaggeration. It sets a strong signature to the venue without sacrificing simplicity.

Dolmabahçe sofa creates a perfect atmosphere in its living areas with its noble stance., It adds a new interpretation to her usual perception of luxury with quilted details and elegant feet that add harmony to her naive form

Ece Armchair combines aesthetic and comfort with hand-worked quilting details and unique ergonomics on the back. Its iconic form perfectly accomplishes both modern and classical pieces.

Elips Armchair combines minimal dimensions with the need for high comfort, the elips armchair is the ideal setting for your dream coffee conversation.

Elletto sofa can be switched on and off easily with one button when you need it with the electric-connected bed feature. Wood and metal leg options are available.

Elletto Corner is highly functional with electrical bed and bed base features designed for simplified townhouses. Corner Module suitable for comfortable seating Elletto Corner offers comfortable to use in large spaces.

Fashion sofa in which Chesterfield culture adapted to the modern sofa concept of today. Fashion sofa with an unlimited range of colors adds a different ambiance to space. The sofa, which is manufactured with first-class high-quality handcrafting, also has 300 buttons fixed to the individual body. A high-cased wooden leg adds both warmth and refreshment to space.

Giza sofa offers a refined decoration style with its peaceful structure. The soft and simple form adorns the roving details. It brings freshness to your home with its slender back and armrest form, as well as a high elegant leg.

Haliç sofa is designed for Retro enthusiasts with button details and squishy structure located on the back and seating. With its wick-thin arm structure and high-conical wooden legs, it adds nostalgic elegance to the living spaces.