Living Room

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With its elegant arm structure and quilting craftsmanship, Anatolia armchair will add a warm atmosphere to your home with its wooden leg.

Zarif kol yapısı ile yaşam alanlarına sofistike bir imza atan Astoria koltuk stil sahibi ve çağdaş bir dekorasyon anlayışı sunuyor. Sadelikten vazgeçmeden özgün çizgiler arayanların seçimi olmaya aday Astoria kanepe iç mekanlara dingin ve samimi bir hava katıyor.

Bianca Sofa is designed for those who want to create a warm and peaceful atmosphere in the living places the sofa structure makes the space spacious and opens the doors to both modern and luxurious decoration. A timeless and warm interpretation of the Chester style, the Bianca sofa also offers alternatives to the user with a choice of lathes and luxuriant massive leg.

You can shape your living spaces according to your needs and tastes with Canary Corner which offers customized designs with its modular structure, stitching detailed or wooden stand modules by changing the place allows you to add a different air to your home from summer to winter.

Catherina sofa has a 3  seater sofa bed with its aesthetic and function. With its large seating area and soft form, it gives a sense of comfort. Modern quilted detail brings together a contemporary decoration style with living areas, while the wooden foot structure adds a warm touch to space.

Catherina Relax invites you to comfort with its contemporary appearance, while also setting its signature in the space with its aesthetic details. Thanks to the use of a large bed, both your crowded guests get comfortable sleeping and you enjoy the luxury.

Cherry armchair adds a stylish contrast to the modern sofas at your home with its squishy round form. Its unorthodox form and ultra-comfortable structure offer a fun and dynamic style of decoration.

Zamansız ve modern tasarımıyla yaşam alanlarına anlam katan Chocolate berjer konfor ve ergonomi kavramının ön plana çıkması ile tüm mekanlara uyum sağlar. Metal kol detayları ve tek parçadan oluşan minimal oturum alanı sade ve güçlü bir tasarım anlayışını ortaya çıkarıyor.

Chocolate koleksiyonu modern yaşam alanlarında konfor ve estetiği bir arada buluşturmak isteyenler için tasarlandı. Modüler ve dinamik yapısı ile farklı yaşam alanlarına uyum sağlamayı amaçlar. Çekmece ve dergilik gibi depolama birimlerinin yanı sıra temassız gizli şarj özelliği ile kullanıcılara fonksiyonel çözümler sunar.

Cupon chesterfield sofa which reinterprets the classic handcrafted folding quilting with modern lines makes a difference with its quality and excellent posture. It reinterprets luxury with its finely thought-out details.

Davos sofa offers a special comfort experience in living areas with its refined line and modern approach. The soft feeling of comfort offered by sharp lines may surprise you. It allows you to create your own style of Decoration using decorative pillows with its minimal line.

Davos Corner takes comfort to the center of the house with its soft seating accompanying sharp lines. While Davos Corner, where simplicity is at the forefront of the day, offers its users the freedom to decorate with its modular structure.