Dining Room

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Bergamo collection aims to create a pleasant living space with its modern and simple lines. Brass handles, lacquered surfaces and smoked glasses; blending with wood veneer, it exhibits a modern approach with the richness of its details.


The Biscotti collection was designed for those who dream of a contemporary living space by blending the timelessness of walnut with the elegance of metal. Aiming to make a difference in your homes with its strong craftsmanship and texture, the biscotti collection brings elegance and sparkle to your homes with its smoked glass and metal details, as well as a warm and friendly ambiance. It is a candidate to be the new favorite of those who like to keep in the foreground.

Combining circular forms with metallic details, Blush aims to bring grace and elegance to living spaces. While the TV unit of the collection, the modular bookcase option consisting of complementary geometries, the side table with floor lamp, the console and the dresser makes life easier, it also adds sparkle to the interiors with its simplicity.

The Brunette wall unit aims to adapt to living spaces with its modules that respond to different functions such as monitoring, working, storage and display. It offers the comfort of use that its users need with its different module options. It combines aesthetics and functionality in living spaces with complementary stylish pieces such as dining table, center table and side table.

Warmth, comfort, peace, sincerity … This is how the Scandinavian hygge philosophy describes the connotations of home. The Clay Collection, which is a reflection of the Japandi style created by combining the Scandinavian design approach, where simplicity and calm colors dominate, and the minimalist design approach of the Japanese, aims to bring peace and tranquility to your homes with its hazeran details and natural wood texture.


Designed by combining natural colors with plain forms, Marmalade evokes a sense of depth in spaces. The use of craftsmanship and luxury materials adds value to living spaces.


The reclaimed centuries-old woods of old mansions in Kastamonu region, which cannot be restored, are brought back into our lives by turning them into furniture after special processes. New Kavin brings the natural texture, warmth and experience of the massif to your home with its timeless cult design. Massive leg shape with rustic influences brings the freshness of summer houses or the naturalness of rural life to your home with the marble top option as an alternative to the solid top in pieces such as tables, dressers, and coffee tables.

The Pecan collection aims to create a dynamic living space where minimal and functional details are at the forefront. It offers a balanced elegance with the warmth of walnut and the modern effect of anthracite. With the asymmetrical harmony achieved with the horizontal and vertical movements applied to the walnut veneer, it both catches the time and promises timelessness. The line of the collection, which is simplified with high metal legs, has a somewhat industrial, somewhat masculine and iconic style. With its sharp lines and distinguished details, it combines simplicity and elegance. It offers organized and tidy storage with partitioned drawers.

While the Ruby collection presents the charm of fractured and amorphous forms to your living spaces with its simple and elegant lacquer color, the fluid setup of the marble look adds a dynamic atmosphere to the environment. The Ruby collection, which aims to create a rich ambiance in your homes with its finely thought details, promises a dazzling elegance with its glass table and glass coffee table options. While exhibiting a modern stance with its elegant metallic details, it is a candidate to be the new favorite of those who seek an original touch in spaces.


The Sacramento Collection, which brings together the combination of wavy walnut veneer, pebble matte lacquer and bronze metal, with sophisticated and qualified design details, impresses with its stylish style. While the modular wall unit combines its magnificent look with functionality, the dining room brings unique elegance to living spaces with the eye-catching touches of contemporary decoration.


Secret offers a rich and yet simple living space with its natural walnut veneer texture, lacquered cover details with joint gaps, and metal handles. It gives the secret of creating modern, simple and stylish atmospheres with its black and anthracite color option, touch led illuminated console mirror, walnut veneered chamfer details.

With its natural wood veneer, warm mink lacquer tones and cnc processing details, the Wooden collection exhibits a traditional, rich and modern approach. The table top with beveled corners and the console body combine with the convex leg structure to achieve a holistic flow.