As NDESIGN, we use the term “Infınıte Furniture”, because we are approaching our products with major commitment and patience from the design process to production process and from the sales to after-sales service. We are positioning our “Infinite Furniture” philosophy notion on three basic pillars: “our company, our customers and our products”.

PRODUCTION – Our Company
“Infinite flexibility”

As a company, we know very well what our “potential production power” is, and we strongly believe our strength. We offer our products as mass production with the philisiohy of “infinite flexibility “ on which each client has reflected their own preferences to the high quality of our products with the right price.

SALES – Our Customers
“infinite choice”

Basing on “infinite flexibility” philosophy, transforming our potential production of power to the existing sales force, we provide our customers to choose with “infinite choice” philosophy not in a limited number of options but ranging from their imagination and depth fancy.

PRODUCTS-Our Products
“infinite revolutionary”

Our models are fed from our own culture and civization. They address to past, present and future time. They address top past, present and future time. They are designed and manufactured with inspiration, anda are dedicated to our customers. Using all facilities provided by technology, we deliver our products to our customers with “infinite revolutionary” philosophy not temporary and variable, but in timeless persistence.