Just like selecting furniture, producing it also requires a great accumulation, passion and joy. We have selected designing and producing products which will add value to the life, as our occupation. We have attributed our lives to this artistic quest. Our efforts are to stay updated and to be one step ahead.

We think, design, produce… We have been growing day by day for you for 33 years with the same excitement!

Nowadays, we are in the middle of works which makes us more excited; in order to introduce our functional, quality, different, original and robust products to our customers in the classiest and most decorative ambiances, we are creating our new storehouse concepts. In one hand while we are increasing our storehouse quantity in selected points of our country, on the other hand we make export to 64 countries and provide added value to our country.

We really love our job.

Ahmet Güleç
President of Board of Directors