About Us Ndesign



Manufacturing like choosing furniture also requires great knowledge, passion and pleasure.





We chose to design and produce products that will add value to our lives as our profession.




We dedicate our life to this artistic quest. Our work is to stay up to date. to be one step ahead.



We think, we design and we produce.







Ndesign Furniture is growing day by day with the same excitement for you since 1983.








Nowadays, we are in the works that make us more excited; We create our new furniture concepts in order to bring our functional. quality. different, original and robust products together with our consumers in the most stylish and decorative environments.



Meantime, while increasing the number of our stores in the selective points of our country, we also provide added value to our country by exporting our furniture to more than 60 countries in the world.




We are inviting you to Ndesign Furniture world to share our excitement & commitment.